Winter is going to be here before we know it and in most places, preparing our house for the impending harsh winter, also called winterization, is an important routine. Let us explore some eco-friendly techniques to ensure that warm air is trapped inside and the house is well-insulated from the frost outside.

Simple Things You Can Do When Winterizing Your House

Without properly winterizing your house, it is going to be less efficient and you will need to invest on heating techniques that could significantly increase utility bills. While there are several tips and ways to winterize your home, many of them aren't eco-friendly. So, how do you have a healthy, breathable, and warmer home this winter, without the use of toxic chemicals and non-degradable items?

40% of home heat loss in winter is due to air leakage, so, installing weather stripping and caulking around the house is the first step to efficiently protect heat inside the house. A permanent furnace filter is a necessary investment to ensure that all dust and waste is filtered and clean air is being circulated. It is important to undertake a furnace check to rule out chances of a gas leak and ensure the furnace is operating at maximum efficiency during the winter.

There are several heating methods to keep the house warm, but the friendliest to the environment, home, and the wallet is the programmable thermostat, because it is wasteful to heat an empty home. The thermostat automatically drops household temperature while the house is empty and heats it back up when people are home. The difference in temperature is hardly noticeable, but we could end up saving more than 10 per cent on our home heating costs.

Winterizing Your House with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Today, dwindling resources and green cover have forced us to switch to greener techniques to heat up home and have a toxic-free winter with the use of eco-friendly products. Eco friendly promotional products like ‘Great Stuff' foam for insulation and ‘Zip A Way' for caulking draft windows is highly recommended.

Consciously switching to eco-friendly products is a great step towards leading an eco-friendly life. The eco-friendly promotional items in the market helps people do just that and over time people realize it is so much easier to have a clean, non toxic lifestyle by simply switching to these simple, natural, green products.