In today's world, everything has been digitized and trying to use paper documents can be cumbersome to say the least. Almost every job requires the use of a computer from the clerk who rings you out at the local drug store to bond traders on Wall Street everyone uses computers. While it may be easy to email yourself documents that you need to access from multiple computers, there are some documents that are too sensitive or important to risk someone seeing if you leave your email open or if your account is hacked into. There may be documents that you need to carry with you everyday. The easiest way to do this is by using a USB drive, but not only are USB drives easy to lose, they at best will have a small ring hanging off it to attach it to your keys. Custom Earth Promos has changed the game with USB drives by introducing wristband USB drives, which allows you to keep your important information wrapped securely around your wrist at all times. Never again worry about forgetting your important documents on a USB left on your desk, as you can now carry it everywhere with you casually disguised as a bracelet.

Save Files and the Environment with Wristband USB Drives!

At Custom Earth Promos, we offer nine attractive, standout colors that you can get your wristband USB drives personalized in, all of which are stylish and most importantly easy to carry around with you. All wristband USB drives utilize Tier 1 chips to ensure their reliability and dependability so that you do not need to worry about your important files becoming corrupted or unusable. Every one of the wristband USB drives is constructed from silicon, making them durable and comfortable to sit on your wrist. They can also act as an excellent promotional item, as your business' logo can be imprinted on almost the full length of the band, providing people a valuable product while simultaneously ensuring that your brand will be well advertised attractively on people's wrists. All wristband USB drives are backed up by a lifetime warranty, and you can contact Custom Earth Promos for special wholesale pricing if you'd like to place a bulk order!