ZONOsanitech is a new revolutionary product in the disinfectant industry. As against harsh disinfectants and bleach which use harsh chemicals, this new product uses ozone for sanitizing equipment with much greater efficacy and outcome. It not only kills 99.9 percent microbes but also saves time. The credit for developing ZONOsanitech goes to Walter Mann.

Sanitizing Equipment Initiative by ZONOsanitech

Harsh disinfectants or bleach are often used to sanitize objects like toys, sports and office equipments handled by several people. The disinfectants generally in use contain harmful chemicals. In addition, the process of disinfection is also time-consuming. So, a new product that uses ozone, not harmful chemicals was launched. This product also saves time.

Walter Mann is the person behind this launch. He got the idea when one of his kid's friends got a staph infection due to a sports gear. The lack of options among disinfectants led Mann to develop this solution.

Antibacterial soap or any other sanitizer takes time to wipe out everything and leaves a film on surface needing to be cleaned. In addition, the traditional disinfectant may not seep down the crevices and cracks. In addition, there are things like books and papers that cannot be disinfected by a liquid sanitizer. ZONOsanitech on the other hand kills almost 100 percent microbes from viruses to bacteria and other organisms like lice using just water and electricity.

A single unit of ZONOsanitech is about the size of a small refrigerator in which you can place almost any object that needs to be disinfected. All it takes is a half an hour cycle to completely sanitize the object or fully disinfect it. The automated process ensures there is quick turnaround time and the item can be used as soon as the process is over. This technology is already in use in the medical devise industry, but it has been made available to the average household consumers for the first time.

Why Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Should Be Conserved With Sanitizing Equipment

The need for the conservation of eco friendly promotional items arises in view of the fact that they may be used or consumed over a longer period of time. One of the ways of extending the life span of items that are used regularly is by sanitizing them. In addition, if they are not sanitized and disinfected they may cause infectious diseases. If the food is not conserved properly under the right temperature, they may become unfit to use. When food items unfit for use are consumed, it may lead to severe medical conditions among the consumers. So, food products need maximum protection to reduce wastage.

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