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Alcohol-Free Disinfectant Wipes | Promotional Sanitizer Wipes

Custom printed disinfectant wipes make for the best way to keep your clientele safe while promoting your brand. With a wide variety of choices, you can decide whether you would like the wipes to have your personalized logo, or purchase reliable Lysol, Clorox and Purell branded wipes. Connect with one of our excellent customer service representatives to get started on your custom disinfectant wipes today!

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Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes from Custom Earth Promos are perfect for homeowners, businesses, and any other company that wants everyone in the community to stay safe and healthy. Because we have such a large range of wipes, we can help you keep your hands clean, wipe down flat surfaces, and travel with these wipes when you need to. You might have thought that you needed to accept the one tube of wipes that you found at the store down the street, but we have much more than you could have ever imagined.

Wipe Packets

When you need wipes in a small packet that you can travel with, we have the reusable pouch that you can easily use just like you would use that small pack of tissues in your handbag. This is a great thing to give your customers, to sell in your shop, or to give to your staff while they work. You can travel with these wipes, and you can choose any package size that you want. The enclosure on the package will keep the wipes moist, and it snaps in place so that the package never leaks.

Wipe Tubes

When you get a large tube of wipes, they can be set up by the cash register, on your desk, or use them throughout your business. We can customize the package so that these wipes belong specifically to your business, and you can pass them out throughout your properties, facilities, or buildings. You may also want to try these wipe tubes when you want to sell affordable products to your customers. If you step down to a smaller size, you can get a special chain that makes it easier to carry the tube. You can get a smaller tube that will fit in tight spaces around your office or warehouse. You might try the pocket version which comes with a small chain that makes it easy to attach to your belt, and you can order thousands of these tubes if you want. Our tubes come with a snapping cap that will close in place, keep the wipes moist, and ensure that you can use every wipe without any trouble. You can get the packaging customized to make the wipes look great, and you can even add a message to your customers about staying safe during something like the COVID-19 pandemic. When you have chosen to focus on health and wellness, these wipes make a big difference.

Order With Us Today

When you place an order with us, we will make sure that your packages are as light as possible. The boxes are easy to store, and the turnaround time is very short. We will take your order today over the phone or online, and we will help you figure out just how many wipes or tubes you need. You can send these products to everyone on your staff, or you can use these wipes to keep your facility clean when you need to remain open. You are giving your customers and staff peace of mind when you have these wipes available.