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More Health and Wellness Options | PPE in Bulk

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Face Shield and Misc PPE Worn by Man and Woman

More Options For Health And Wellness at Custom Earth Promos

When you come to Custom Earth Promos looking for promotional bags, you should try our health and wellness items. We have hand sanitizers, gels, wipes, and gloves. We also have a range of other options that are perfect for people who want to remain safe and healthy during a pandemic or when they work in an industry that requires more protection. You can get products for a garbage crew, medical team, vet’s office, maintenance crew, and construction team.


Scrubs are perfect for people who work in dirty jobs every day. The medical industry needs scrubs now more than ever, and you can get scrubs for your vet’s office, medical facility, or doctor’s office. You can wear scrubs in the dentist’s office, at a free clinic, or when you are providing medical care in the field. Scrub bottoms and tops are sold separately so that you can decide what people need to be wearing. In some cases, you might want to get tops for people who do dirty jobs, or you could look for bottoms that are safe to wear when you are doing cleaning work or retrieving refuse.


Tie-back gowns are perfect for people who are working in the medical field and need to throw out the gowns as soon as they are done. This is also a good way for you to do a dirty job when you know that the gown will be ruined but you need to wear regular clothes under the gown. Our gowns also work perfectly with the face shields in our catalog because you get full protection when you are working in a dangerous field or try to provide medical care to the community.

Face Shields and Goggles

Face shields and goggles are the best eye protection you will get. The face shield might be easier for you to wear if you wear glasses, and it can be useful when you are working outside or trying to deal with refuse that you must collect. Goggles give you pinpoints protection because they can fit tight to your face and prevent anything from getting in your eyes or nose. If you are looking at the items above, you should also consider buying them in sets. If you need scrubs, you probably need gowns. If you are buying goggles, you probably need face shields. You simply need to think about what would be the safest thing for your team. If you are sending maintenance workers into apartments to clean up after people skipped, they can wear scrubs or gowns. The gowns are disposable, and the scrubs can be washed over and over with no problem. People with glasses can wear a face shield, and people who do not can wear goggles. You have all the protective gear you need when you add in our nitrile or latex gloves.

Forehead Thermometers

The last thing you need to consider is the forehead thermometer. You can take someone’s temperature without cross-contamination, and you can dispose of the thermometer easily. Take a look at all that Custom Earth Promos has to offer when you need PPE, health and wellness gear, and want to stay healthy.