Wholesale tote bags are much more eco-friendly than plastic ones. Wholesale totes are so commonly used now that they're no longer considered just another fashionable trend. Many stores and restaurants currently offer totes of their own brands for sale. Tote bags are made up of various material:

-non-woven or the recycled bag: This is the most common. They are manufactured out of synthetic fiber or nylon strands. The recycled bags are specifically made out of 85% recycled plastic. Both come in different shapes, sizes and designs and are very flexible.

-cotton or jute tote: This is the organic one as it's made out of natural and renewable resources. It has the feel of the old burlap sack but with the brand names and designs embedded onto them.

-bamboo: Is especially sturdy and has become quite fashionable. Many spas now carry them.

Wholesale totes are also a great way to advertise and to simultaneously make a little profit for your business. Plastic and paper bags can only hold so much and eventually wear down or tear. Tote bags are very handy tools though they come in different shapes and sizes, most of them can hold quite a bit at a time. Plus if a spill occurs, it's very easy to clean up as tote bags don't have the resistant sticking material that plastic does or the fragile material that paper does.

Also unlike plastic or paper bags, wholesale totes are also very spacious, resistant enough for heavy shopping, they keep up with the latest fashion trends and designs and of themselves, are as light as a feather. Another great advantage of using a tote bag is that they are welcome pretty much anywhere and everywhere and most places won‘t turn you away just because you‘re not carrying their brand. They can easily be carried in a bicycle cart or by hand if you're a walker. If you ride the metro bus, they can also easily be stored with you on the seat or the floor of the bus. If you're currently in school, they can also easily store your textbooks and notebooks.

There are many advantages to using tote bags instead of paper or plastic ones. Tote bags will likely continue to be a part of every day life into the future as we keep finding more and more solutions to helping the environment. With them, you will never have to carry as many containers or as much in your own arms.