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Food Waste Can Now Protect You from the Sun’s Harmful Rays

Aug 18 2019 Summer may be coming to a close in Florida, but the sun doesn't stop shining in the sunshine state. And, summer is just beginning for the other side of the world. A team of international scientists has found an environmentally friendly way of producing potential sunscreens by using cashew shells, which are normally thrown out.The... read more

Grains Are Going Even Greener: New Perennial Grain Kernza

Aug 14 2019 Plant geneticist Wes Jackson founded The Land Institute near Salina, Kansas about 40 years ago. He was concerned that modern farming was ruining native grasslands and asked the question that came to define his entire life: How can we harness the inherent strengths of the prairie ecosystem, the natural resistance of native plants to... read more

Green Architect Bill Bensley Is Challenging Traditional Hospitality Design

Aug 11 2019 Imagine a zoo where the humans are caged and the animals are watching our every move. This is where Architect Bill Bensley's mind wandered when a Chinese client asked him to build a resort in the southeastern province of Guangdong. He was given a space of three square miles that would include a sanctuary for worldwide animal... read more

There Is a Dangerous New Environmental Ideology

Aug 10 2019 Shortly before the recent El Paso, Texas shooting that left 22 murdered and more than two dozen others injured, Patrick Crusius declared he was trying to stop a "Hispanic invasion of Texas" on the imageboard website 8chan. But, there was a distinctly environmental message to his speech; part of a lesser-known far-right group known as... read more

Eco-Poetry: A Conversation with Poet Pam Davenport

Aug 3 2019 Eco-poetry is a style of poetry that is less about simply describing nature and more about becoming one with it. That's, at least, how poet Pam Davenport writes hers. She teaches eco-poetry workshops in outdoor settings. She encourages writing from the perspective of plants, animals, seasons; nature itself. Her next workshop, for any... read more
Global Witness

Eco-Death Doesn’t Always Refer to the Planet: New Global Witness Report

Jul 31 2019 On Monday, international human rights group Global Witness revealed that the fight to protect land, homes, livelihoods, and wildlife from destructive, pollution causing industries turned deadly for over 160 environmental defenders in 2018. Organizers campaigning against the destruction of the environment face governments, contract... read more

When in Doubt, Dry It Out: Cutting Food Waste in Uganda

Jul 28 2019 At their workshop in a suburb of Kampala, the largest city in Uganda, East Africa, Lawrence Okettayot and his business partner, both in their mid-20s, drilled holes and screws into a wooden, steel-lined box designed to dry out food in an eco-friendly way. Their invention, a low-tech thermal dehydrator, can be used to process fruits... read more

Sonoma Raceway Aims to Make Racing Less of a Drag on the Earth

Jul 26 2019 With some of the loudest sounds and brightest lights, dozens of drag racing cars will be zooming down a short stretch of California's Sonoma Raceway, this weekend. Reaching speeds of more than 300 mph, they'll burn shocking amounts of fuel. It's not exactly the public image of California as a state full of pollution slashing, climate... read more

Hopefully Coastal Cities Can End up Floating Through Climate Change

Jul 20 2019 As glaciers melt and sea levels rise, coastal cities are looking for ways to cope with the growing threat of flooding. Seawalls are one option, green technologies are another, but one startup is making waves with its concept for urban areas designed not to resist rising water but to flat on it. "Cities are getting hit with new types... read more

Girls Can Do Anything—Including Opening an Eco Pop-Up Business

Jul 16 2019 Last week, campers from Tallahassee, Florida's Oasis Center for Women & Girl's "Girls Can Do Anything" program launched their eco-friendly party supply business. This week, they'll team up with the city to beautify a retaining wall. The city of Tallahassee will provide an opportunity for some of the younger residents to transform... read more

E-Scooters Might Not Be so Good for the Environment

Jul 13 2019 E-scooters, the E standing for "electric," promoted as zero-carbon, urban transport, are flooding city streets worldwide. But, just how green this mode of transportation is is still an unanswered question. The companies distributing these vehicles, from multinational operations to local start-ups, insist that these ever present... read more

Not All Plant-Based Medications Actually Come from Plants

Jul 10 2019 Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in popular pain reliever Tylenol, stems from a surprising source: coal tar, a thick, sticky liquid produced when oxygen-deprived coal is subjected to high heat. Fortunately, a new method, developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin—Madison's Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center... read more
canned water

Does Canned Water Make Any Sense to You? Aquafina’s Eco Makeover

Jul 5 2019 PepsiCo just announced that beginning in 2020, Aquafina bottled water will come in aluminum cans. As the concern for global, non-recyclable waste grows, this is the brand's biggest attempt to reduce single-use plastic containers.Put your water in a stainless steel or BPA free reusable water bottle and get rid of some of the single-use... read more

Can Trash Be Art? This Minneapolis Artist’s Art Is Trash

Jul 3 2019 There's a small billboard on the grounds of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) Sculpture Garden. If you were to just glance at it, you might think it was an advertisement. Upon closer inspection, you'll discover that despite an instantly recognizable logo, it's not an advertisement at all. This billboard is actually a two... read more

The Greener Your Finance, the Greener the Planet Becomes

Jun 27 2019 The Green Finance Network Japan (GFNJ) was established late last year with the aim to make green finance mainstream in Japan's financial market. Green finance is a term often used to refer to methods of financing and investing that are more environmentally friendly or sustainable. This has been becoming a global trend since the signing... read more