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shopping bag sizes are very important for customers

The Philosophy of Custom Bag Sizes

Aug 4 2020 When you want to build a custom bag for your business, you need to think about the size you will use. Yes, we have covered things like the size that is appropriate for the items that you sell. You need something that is easy to use. At the same time, you need to make an impression on your customers. Read more to learn about the... read more
colors for a shopping bag are beneficial and exciting

Why is the Color of a Shopping Bag Important?

Aug 1 2020 When you would like to choose a shopping bag, you should think of the color. That bland grey and beige bag that you get at other stores is going to be banned soon. It is not good for the environment, and you can do better. When you choose a gorgeous color for your reusable shopping bags, you can try any style you want. Read why the... read more
Strong custom bag handles are perfect for every business

Strong Custom Bag Handles: Why Are They Important?

Jul 28 2020 You need strong custom bag handles because you paid for bags that would last for more than a few minutes. You might be dealing with a plastic bag ban, you need a new vendor, or you plan to use these bags throughout your shop, warehouse, or factory. Continue reading to learn more about these bags.  At Custom Earth Promos, you can... read more
Custom printed bags for your business

How to Add Information to Custom Printed Bags

Jul 24 2020 When you have ordered custom printed bags, you need to know how to add your company’s information to every bag. You might host events, run a company, or manage a nonprofit. You need to fit a lot of different things on the bag, and we have some advice for you. Consider what will speak to your customers or constituents when you place... read more
add phone website and email to a custom bag

What Fits on Your Custom Bag?

Jul 20 2020 When you are working with us at Custom Earth Promos, we want you to know that you have every option in the world when building your custom bag. We can help you, but we also want to give you some ideas. This list will save you time and energy. Plus, you can build different bags for different events.  At Custom Earth Promos, we have... read more
Cotton canvas bags for customers and gifts

A Few Uses For Cotton Canvas Bags

Jul 18 2020 Cotton canvas bags are a very nice touch that a lot of businesses do not have. However, we have these bags ready to be printed in full color at Custom Earth Promos. There are so many bag options that you can find something that is just right for your business. Continue reading as you learn how to use these bags.  At Custom Earth... read more
A custom bag can be big or small

Big or Small? Which Custom Bag is Best?

Jul 13 2020 As you search for a custom bag, you need to decide if you need big or small bags. Luckily, we have all the bags that you need when you want to market your business properly. Large bags work for some companies, small bags work for others, and some companies need a big catalog of bags to choose from. Take a look at Custom Earth Promos... read more
Artful shopping bags make a big difference for your busines

Stun Your Customers With Artful Shopping Bags

Jul 11 2020 Artful shopping bags make the biggest impression that you can imagine when you are trying to attract more customers or just wow them. There are a few things that you can do that make your bags look awesome. Plus, you can use these tips when you want to align your bags with your new marketing plan and style. A large bag will carry a lot... read more

Branding for Local Businesses: How to Stand Out from the Competition

Jul 9 2020 If you’re looking for strategies to grow your brand, promotional materials are one of the best methods for local businesses. Offering promotional materials to your customers builds trust and a positive image while simultaneously marketing your business to other potential customers.  Unfortunately, it’s very easy to waste... read more
Branded bags for any business

Pulling Together Branded Bags For Your Shop

Jul 6 2020 Branded bags are often the best way for you to remind your customers where they got all the things they love. When you are looking for a way to help make your business look great, you want your customers to go home with bags that have the name of the business on them. This is an excellent reminder of your company even if the bag sits... read more
custom wine totes make shopping more fun

What Is The Purpose Of a Wine Tote?

Jul 4 2020 At Custom Earth Promos, we carry a wide range of wine totes that will suit your every need. You might, however, have not considered all the things you can do with a wine tote. Wine is a wonderful thing to enjoy, and it can become a pastime or even a business. As we build and print these totes, we want you to know what will be... read more
Repeat customers come back with custom bags

Creating Return Guests with Custom Bags

Jun 29 2020 When your business is hoping for return or repeat guests, you need to find something that brings them back. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers as they shop with you. You will discover that custom bags can be the perfect way to draw customers back to your business no matter where you are or what you sell. At Custom Earth... read more
Custom bags and promo merch work together

Custom Bags and Promo Merch Work Together

Jun 26 2020 At Custom Earth Promos, we produce a lot of promotional merchandise to go along with the custom bags which make up the core of our business. When you want to create a big promotional program, you can start mixing our promo merch with your bag. We have some tips below that will make it easier to improve the image of your... read more
Truck drivers need eco bags, too

Truck Drivers Need Eco Bags For Their Routes

Jun 22 2020 A truck driver is entrusted with thousands of pounds of cargo. A big truck that they must take on the open road for days at a time. Due to the unique nature of a truck driver’s job, they need something that allows them to remain safe. These bags are clean and help with organization when they stop at various points around the country.... read more
biodegradable bags for business

Why Are Our Biodegradable Bags Eco-Friendly?

Jun 19 2020 When you are looking for better promotional and shopping bags for your customers, you might consider our biodegradable bags. While these bags are good for the planet and provide you with all the promotional space you need for your logo and contact information, you might not understand why they are eco-friendly. Take a look at why we... read more