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Bamboo bags for your business' marketing

Bamboo Bags for Your Market

Oct 23 2020 Bamboo bags are a great option for your market. The soft and supple material you get when you order these bags makes all the difference. Your customers will notice these bags hanging on a hook as they enter. The bags are affordable, and they carry logos very well. The soft, off-white color is the best part because they feel... read more
Custom backpacks for any business

How Can Businesses Sell Backpacks?

Oct 21 2020 Business can sell backpacks much the same way they sell shopping bags. Companies that have customers coming through every day need something to sell with their logo. A company an add these packs to their orders. Anyone that sells school supplies should offer packs as an added option. You can use these tips to make it easier for you to... read more
large delivery totes for businesses

Large Delivery Totes Make an Impression

Oct 18 2020 When your business wants to make a good impression, large delivery totes can…deliver. You can print anything you want on these bags. The business can look more impressive. Plus, the handles can match the color of your design. You can reach out to Custom Earth Promos today when you would like to make your deliveries a little more... read more
Cooler bags are excellent for your business

Large Cooler Bags are More Secure

Oct 17 2020 Large cooler bags are more secure, and they have a zipper that makes them easier to use. You can order these bags in several colors. Plus, you can use the bag to carry anything whether it is chilled or not. Your business can benefit from these bags quite a lot, and it is very easy for you to invest in these bags along with a custom... read more
massive tote bag

When is a Massive Tote Bag Needed?

Oct 11 2020 The massive tote bag that you have chosen for your business is a quality purchase. However, you need to know when it works best for your company. Some businesses do not need a large tote. Other businesses need all the advertising space they can get. Read more as you learn about the design of a billboard style shopping bag for your... read more
Custom giveaway tumblers for your business

Restaurants Need a Giveaway Tumbler

Oct 9 2020 Your restaurant, hot dog stand, ice cream kiosk, or high-class bistro needs something to give away to guests. One of the best things you can choose is a giveaway tumbler. When your business have a special cup to sell to guests, they keep coming back. Learn about all your options as you read further. Check out Custom Earth Promos when... read more
Cotton bags look great when marketing your business

Cotton Bags and Grommets?

Oct 4 2020 When you want to make your business look good, cotton bags can help. However, a cotton bag is more than soft fabric, the exposed weave, and a fun color. Adding grommets and cotton handles makes these bags even more impressive. Read further to learn how these bags can change the way your business is perceived. At Custom Earth Promos,... read more
custom water bottles for any business

Custom Water Bottles for Your Business

Oct 2 2020 Custom water bottles are a good way to market your business. We know that bags and COVID supplies go a long way to help you with advertising. However, water bottles are the perfect item to sell. Continue reading as you learn about customized water bottles that will impress your customers. Your customers need to stay hydrated, and they... read more
large delivery totes for businesses

Why Choose Natural Recycled Bags?

Sep 26 2020 When you are choosing recycled bags, you might go for a natural color. Do not be afraid to try these soft khakis and tans. These colors look good, give your business a certain sophistication that other colors cannot, and look good with your printed logo. We have some options for you. Consider how it would look if you switched to natural... read more
{rint on all four sides of reusable bags

Reusable Bags: Print on All Sides

Sep 25 2020 You can order reusable bags for your business that help with marketing and the shopper experience. These bags can be simple, or you might have your designs printed on all four sides. Take a look at some ideas that will help you improve your image. A bag printed in this style makes a big impression on all your guests. Shop with us at... read more
reusable bags can be turned into coffee kits

Coffee Kits & Reusable Bags

Sep 20 2020 Reusable bags are the best thing for you to invest in when you love coffee. You can build a coffee kit using these bags, and you should consider how these bags will make your guests or customers feel. Continue reading to learn how you can build coffee kits for customers, clients, and guests using a simple recycled bag. Contact us at... read more
Cotton bags can be spa bags

Turn Reusable Cotton Bags Into Spa Bags

Sep 18 2020 When you manage a spa or salon, own a hotel, or handle concierge-style services, you can use cotton bags to exude the essence of luxury. There are a few reusable cotton bags to choose from, and you can create a spa feel with ease. If you want to impress your guests, you have a new option. Check out Custom Earth Promos when you need... read more
Bamboo bags for your business' marketing

Choosing Materials for Your Reusable Bags

Sep 13 2020 When you are shopping with us, you need to choose the best materials for each bag. We offer reusable bags made from a range of products. Each material is a little bit different. You can match the material to the needs of your business or the customer experience. This is a good way to choose seasonal items or select a bag that matches... read more
office supplies and resuable bags for your restart

Office Supplies, Reusable Bags, and Restarts

Sep 10 2020 As your company grapples with a restart, you need office supplies and reusable bags. This combination of tools will make your business much easier to manage. Consider what you can do for your guests and staff when purchasing the appropriate accessories. You can promote your business on each item. This increases your visibility in the... read more
reusable messenger bags for business

Many Uses For Reusable Messenger Bags

Sep 5 2020 Reusable messenger bags are a revelation for couriers, delivery companies, office workers. You might give these bags to employees across the office. Print your logo on the bag, and you have so much surface area that everyone can see it. Cotton is used to make each bag soft and comfortable to use. They make great gifts, and you should... read more