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Women in Virginia Start Businesses with the Planet in Mind

Apr 18 2019 Next week is Earth Day, and the state of Virginia will be celebrating with educational events and service projects. Year round, however, environmental solutions have inspired creative businesses around Richmond. Three of them are run by women, who have successfully managed to merge creativity and entrepreneurship.Celebrate Earth Day by... read more

A Safety Razor Is Now the Most “Metal” Thing You Can Buy

Apr 16 2019 Two mechanical engineers have created an eco-friendly razor. It's plastic-free and incorporates the simplicity of an old-fashioned safety razor with the technology and comfort of a modern cartridge razor. The product is called Leaf Shave, an all-metal razor with a pivoting head that can be customized with up to three blades. It was... read more

George Washington University Investment Is Green in Multiple Ways

Apr 11 2019 Last February, The George Washington University, in Washington DC, announced the creation of a sustainable investment fund. The Student Association-driven initiative will allocate money from the University's endowment and move it toward responsible investments. As part of a larger approach, the fund will promote and produce innovation... read more

Are Flying Cars Really Just a Science Fiction Long Shot?

Apr 9 2019 Skipping rush hour traffic by hopping into a flying taxi may seem like a long shot dreamt up by science fiction authors, but a number of corporations and startups are currently working on prototypes. In October, Cora, one of the aforementioned companies and startups, partnered with Air New Zealand in a step towards commercialization.... read more

Modernizing May Not Be the Way to Achieve Energy-Efficient Construction

Apr 4 2019 In this modern era of glass and steel, wood might seem like an old-school material. However, researchers say that they have given wood a makeover. It is not only a sturdy materials but transparent and able to both store and release heat. This could aid in the construction of energy-efficient homes. Researchers hope to develop a... read more

Not Only Is There an Eco-Friendly Prison but It’s Winning Awards?

Apr 2 2019 What do you think of when someone mentions prison? Probably a concrete building surrounded by barbed wire, chain link fences, with flood lights and extensive alarm systems.Surprise! That's not the case with this prison in Sweden, which recently won an award for being environmentally friendly. Tabellen 4, a building in Sollentuna... read more

What to Do When You Find Yourself Experiencing Eco-Anxiety

Mar 28 2019 The headlines detailing extreme weather events seem to be more frequent than ever! Your social media feed might be full of record setting temperatures. Unfortunately, some people in power are still denying not only the full impact but also the existence of climate change itself. The reactions to this haven't been very sunny. An... read more

Eco-Friendly Chocolate for Having an Eco-Friendly Easter

Mar 26 2019 Easter is right around the corner. In just under a month, children everywhere will be hunting for plastic eggs full of candy. While this is greener than it sounds, as these eggs are reusable, unfortunately, a lot of people just toss them into the trash when Easter is over. But what about the chocolate inside? How do you make sure... read more

Second-Hand Fashion Might Just Help Stop Pollution

Mar 21 2019 "We don't have enough resources to keep feeding this monster."Traid CEO Maria Chenoweth These are the words of warning about the new clothing industry from the CEO of Traid, Maria Chenoweth. Traid is a UK charity that is working to stop clothing from being thrown away.Stop throwing away so many plastic bags by replacing them with... read more

Irish-American Architect Was Designing Buildings in the Future

Mar 19 2019 Kevin Roche was a prize winning architect who was still working well into his 90s; and according to Interiors Editor and Features Writer at the Irish Examiner, Eve Kelliher, he was creating eco-friendly buildings before they were the norm. Although the Irish-American reached the peak of his profession, he avoided the label... read more

Eco-Friendly Can Also Be Eco-Evil: Trafficking in Central America

Mar 14 2019 A poorly defined region between Central American countries Guatemala and Belize is proving to be fertile ground for eco-trafficking to further their criminal activities. This lawless land underscores how a lack of government control in such areas helps facilitate these crimes.Facilitate positive eco-activities with Custom Earth... read more