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European Packaging Forum

European Packaging Forum Deals with Balance of Green and Consumer

Jun 13 2019 The first European Packaging Forum took place last week in Dusseldorf, Germany. Many German, and other European, visitors traveled to inform themselves about the current market situation and possible future developments. Many lectures laid the foundation for dealing with retail packaging. How is the current situation? What should be... read more

Milwaukee’s First Eco-Neighborhood Is Not a Cheesy Place to Be

Jun 11 2019 City leaders want to create a buzz around sustainability initiatives that have blossomed in Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood. There's even a map encouraging people to tour its sustainable projects, including rooftop solar and stormwater management installations. Just 10 minutes northwest of the Wisconsin city's downtown area,... read more

Airline Teams up with Pro Eco Attitude to Unite for Earth Friendlier Skies

Jun 7 2019 Typically, economy or coach airline passengers are served little bags of pretzels or chips, with upgraded snacks and meals available for purchase. This is true of United Airlines, who haven't served meals in economy class for years. Passengers on the 310 from Chicago to Los Angeles on Wednesday, however, were in for a surprise when they... read more

Art Gallery in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Feature Eco-Friendly Prints

Jun 5 2019 Currently showing at In-Town Gallery, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is "Patterns by Nature," a collection of eco-prints by artist Janice Kindred. Kindred uses plants and flowers she has gathered locally, and through a multi-step process she has developed, transfers their shapes and colors to watercolor paper. She then uses a variety of... read more

Eating out of a Cardboard Box Isn’t Just for the Homeless Anymore

May 30 2019 There is a newly opened cafe in India that is proving cardboard is not just for boxing up your possessions on moving day or living out of if you have no money anymore. Known as the "Cardboard Cafe," the only part of the restaurant not made out of corrugated cardboard is the kitchen. Everything in the restaurant, from the light... read more

Silent Protest Lands French Climate Activists in Hot Water

May 28 2019 All across France, activists have been taking down official portraits of President Emmanuel Macron to protest what they believe to be his "inaction" against climate change. Now, they face up to 10 years of time in prison. The first of several trials began on Tuesday in the town of Bourg-en-Bresse, located in eastern France. Around... read more

Minnesota Muslims Make the Switch Towards Eco-Friendly Ramadan

May 23 2019 As the clock approached midnight, volunteers in the kitchen of the Islamic Center of Minnesota's women-only clubhouse washed silverware and ceramic plates to be used for the upcoming iftar. It made for more work, but that meant less trash after the traditional evening meal used to break the fast during Ramadan. "A few years ago, when... read more

Our Most Eco-Friendly VP Has Raised $1bn for Eco-Friendly Investment

May 21 2019 Generation Investment Management, co-founded by our most eco-friendly politician and former US Vice President Al Gore, has raised $1 billion for its latest private equity fund to back sustainable start-ups. Generation Investment Management Sustainable Solutions Fund III will invest between $50 million and $150 million in companies... read more

Make the Switch to Electric with America’s Most Eco-Friendly Cars

May 16 2019 Electric vehicles have been around almost as long as their gas hungry siblings. Unfortunately, technical limitations, such as battery size and efficiency, have hindered the adoption of what is clearly a cleaner, more efficient form of fuel-powered transportation. Today, thanks to innovations in how electricity is collected, stored,... read more

Take a Green Vacation Across the Big Blue and Stay Smart in London

May 14 2019 Newly opened near Mansion House, the residence of the Lord Mayor of London, in the City of London, England, the Vintry & Mercer feels like the cooler edgier answer to its sister hotel: The Ampersand, in South Kensington, England. It was named after two of the honorable guilds that were founded in the area many years ago. The hotel... read more
Notre Dame

New Notre Dame Roof and Steeple to Be Designed by the People

May 9 2019 Following the fire that destroyed famed Catholic church, Notre Dame, the French government has launched an international architectural competition to redesign the church's roof and spire. One of the many designs that have flooded in is from Belgian Ecological Architect Vincent Callebaut. His design sees the roof turned into a... read more