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Sometimes you need more than just custom bags

Why Add Pockets & Zippers to Custom Bags?

May 25 2020 When you are designing custom bags, totes, shopping bags, and other products, you need to make sure that you add zippers, pockets, snaps, and anything else that you think will be helpful. There are a few tips here that will make customizing your bag a truly enjoyable experience. Check out the custom bags that you can build with us at... read more
custom bags are perfect for everyone

How to Build Your Best Custom Bag

May 23 2020 When you want to build your best custom bag, you should think about what might be right for you. You can customize some of the things on your bag, and you should make sure that you pick just the right things. Read more about how Custom Earth Promos has what’s right for you. Choose Your Design You need to choose a full design... read more
Use protective goggles and gowns at work for safety

How to Combine Protective Goggles and Gowns for Work Safety

May 18 2020 When you are working in hazardous condition, you need protective goggles and gowns that your staff can use to stay safe. There are a few tips you can use here that will help you stay safe, and you can add things like gloves and masks to your routine so that everyone is protected. Check out Custom Earth Promos to find the best... read more
lunch bags for going back to work

Prepare for Work with Sanitizers and Lunch Bags

May 15 2020 When you are preparing to go back to work, you likely need to rethink how you manage your entire routine. Yes, you might have new bags that will carry all your paperwork, and you may have new gloves, masks, and even sanitizing wipes. However, you need to consider how you are going to handle lunch. You cannot go out to lunch every... read more
Wear face masks with breathing filters

Why Use Protective Face Masks With Filters?

May 11 2020 When you are trying to remain safe and avoid the spread of diseases or illness, you should consider wearing protective face masks all the time. One of the things that you might consider is a face mask with a filter. Why do you need a filter? Who should try these products? What’s the big deal? Check out Custom Earth... read more
Prepare for any situation with COVID supplies

COVID Supplies for your Staff

May 8 2020 When you want to order COVID supplies for your staff, you can do a bit more than protect against the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. You can get protective gear that helps your staff work every day in a safe environment. Use the tips below to ensure that your team can operate safely, and order a large battery of equipment... read more

Staying Healthy as the US Begins to Reopen

May 8 2020 The world has changed. The COVID-19 crisis has affected the world on a scale most of us have never seen before. Businesses and schools are shut, people are confined to their homes, and anxieties are high. But we must remember that there is an end to this crisis. The US, and the rest of the world, will begin to reopen over the coming... read more
Wear disposable gloves for safety

Why Wear Disposable Gloves If They’re Not Mandated?

May 4 2020 You have found your masks, PPE, and hand sanitizer. At the same time, you might wonder if you should wear disposable gloves if they have not been mandated by your state. Gloves are a good way to prevent the spread of germs and disease, and they can protect you when you are not quite sure how to handle items in a store, in your car, or... read more
Keep your hands clean with disinfecting wipes

The Many Uses Of Disinfecting Wipes

May 1 2020 Disinfecting wipes were once a nice thing to have around the house, but they have become essential in today’s world. Whether you are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic or collecting sanitary products to stay healthy, you should consider all the things you can do with disinfectant wipes. Custom Earth Promos has the... read more
Gloves and hand sanitizers are good for cleanliness

Gloves and Hand Sanitizers for Personal Wellness

Apr 30 2020 When you want to be as healthy as possible, you need to make sure that you have invested in masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. Masks have become a staple of American life, and they might continue to be for some time. However, you need to know how to use disposable gloves and sanitizers to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and... read more
Prepare for any situation with COVID supplies

Custom Respiratory Face Masks to Keep You Prepared

Apr 22 2020 Respiratory face masks are essentials for daily life, but you need to know how to use them to prepare for the future. If you do not have masks, you cannot be truly safe. Start ordering custom respiratory masks so that you can help your business, community, and/or family prepare for virtually anything. Custom Earth Promos has all... read more
Kids need respiratory masks too

Which Respiratory Masks are Best for You?

Apr 20 2020 When you are looking for respiratory masks and gloves that will keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and going forward, you need to put some thought into which masks are right for you. Because of this, there are some tips below that will make your life a little bit easier and safer. Check out all the masks, gloves, and... read more
clean eco bags when you get home

How to Effectively Clean Eco Bags

Apr 16 2020 A lot is made on this site and others about how you can clean eco bags. This is a process that you should learn when you are trying to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe it’s simply because you want to protect your family from germs and bacteria. Check out all the products that Custom Earth Promos provides to help you... read more
Wearing respiratory masks safely can be comfortable

A Few Tips for Using Respiratory Masks

Apr 13 2020 When you are using respiratory masks during the COVID-19 pandemic (or generally because you have horrible allergies or have been immunocompromised), you may not have been told how to use these masks. There are a few tips here that explain how to use a respiratory mask safely without being annoyed by any perceived discomfort... read more
You can’t enjoy grocery shopping unless you wear your respiratory mask properly

Which Respiratory Masks Should You Use?

Apr 10 2020 Choosing the appropriate respiratory masks for your family is crucial to keeping everyone healthy. You can use different types of people, and you can order large sets of these masks if you would like to hand them out to your friends and family. Look at the amazing respiratory masks that Custom Earth Promos offers. Traditional... read more