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The Greenest States in America: Where Does Your State Rank?

We’ve looked at which states are leading the U.S. in solar power and which ones recycle the most, and thanks to WalletHub’s latest report, we now know which states are the greenest in 2017.

In order to rank each state and unveil the greenest ones, analysts used 20 key metrics to determine each state’s environmental quality and eco-friendliness of its policies. Factors such as “highest air quality,” “most LEED-certified building per capita,” and “highest percentage of energy consumption from renewable sources” were taken into account.

Here’s a look at the top 10 greenest states:

  1. Vermont
  2. Massachusetts
  3.  Oregon
  4. Washington
  5. Connecticut
  6. Maine
  7. Minnesota
  8. New York
  9. New Hampshire
  10. Rhode Island

Did your state make the top 10? If not, hover over the map below to see where your state ranks.

Source: WalletHub

Vermont is officially the greenest state in 2017, but when analysts broke it down by category, other states took the tops spots. For instance, New York ranked No.1 for “lowest gasoline consumption” and “lowest energy consumption per capita,” while Missouri claimed bragging rights for having the “lowest total municipal solid waste per capita.”

Overall, Wyoming was the least eco-friendly state and ranked among the lowest in categories for “lowest soil quality,” “highest energy consumption per capita,” and “highest gasoline consumption (in gallons) per capita.”

Red States Vs. Blue States

If you take an even closer look at the study’s results, do you notice a pattern? It turns out that a state’s political affiliation is closely linked to how eco-friendly they are. Blue states such as Vermont, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, and Connecticut rank much higher than red states like Oklahoma, North Dakota, West Virginia, Montana, and Wyoming.

Though there are many exceptions, this study reveals that overall, blue states are more likely to take the environment into account when it comes to enforcing stricter laws regarding renewables, resource conservation, and pollution.

7 responses to “The Greenest States in America: Where Does Your State Rank?”

    • I don’t know where you are from, but when referring to America, especially in the United States, where this company, and blog, and all author(s) are based, usually people are just talking about the United States. Otherwise, why not get mad that South America wasn’t included? When referring to all of America, North, South, and Latin all at once, potentially/possibly including any territories, people such as historians and geographers usually say “The Americas,” and when referring to all of North America alone, most people (no matter who) usually specifically say “North America.”

      The article is about the greenest state in America. A top 10 was posted, and the map below is interactive. If you can find number 50, this would be the least green state in the whole nation, which you can plainly see from the article only includes the United States, of which Mexico is not a part.

      If the article was written poorly, in your opinion, that is a different issue. But to publicly say that something we put time and effort into is “dumb,” just because it isn’t to your taste or liking is childish, immature, and inappropriate.

      Thank you.

  1. If you are stating that it is dumb, joey, you should check before you talk. Mexico isn’t even included in North America. If you are talking about New Mexico being included, yes, that is included, and if you couldn’t find it, you just aren’t sharp enough to see it. The article shows clearly it is only the top ten green states, not the least green. People put time and effort into this, and I’d like you to do better. How would you appreciate if someone called it “dumb?” This article even has better grammar than you, heck, I have better grammar than you, too! And I’m a middle schooler. If you want to call something dumb, maybe look in the mirror. And check your mouth before you talk on any social media platform. It’ll be here forever.


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