With plastic bag bans sweeping the nation, many people look for reusable, eco friendly alternatives for shopping, especially as many grocery and drug stores that still have plastic bags charge for them, adding to your bill. The reusable eco jute yacht totes are a special line of reusable totes from Custom Earth Promos for those that want function and fashion. The reusable eco jute yacht totes are fourteen inches wide by fourteen inches high and five inches deep. This means that this one bag will allow for any bulky item you may need to pick up, and is a great all purpose bag to bring with you when you go out shopping. The reusable eco jute yacht totes are available in black, brown, and neural, and if you are interested in the bag as a promotional item, there is a three and a half inch by eight inch imprint area that ensures your brand is on display on this beautiful bag.

Promote Your Company with Reusable Eco Jute Yacht Totes

The construction of the reusable eco jute yacht totes is simple and strong, using jute fabric with inside lamination. They also feature cotton rope handles, which make them easy to carry and look stylish. The reusable eco jute yacht totes are constructed entirely from reusable and biodegradable material, making it a great alternative to many similar multi purpose shopping bags you may find at large chain stores. The difference between them and Custom Earth Promos is our dedication to quality, which is only rivaled by the care we have for the environment, which reflects in our products. The reusable eco jute yacht totes are competitively priced to ensure that they can be made available to the widest market possible. If you are considering purchasing reusable eco jute yacht totes for promotional purposes, contact Custom Earth Promos directly to speak to one of our skilled staff members about wholesale pricing!