Food trends: giant, over-the-top milkshakes; unicorn food; rainbow food; crazy ice cream treats.

Whatever it is, you just have to find a restaurant that sells it. But not just to eat it; you also have to let all of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers know what the latest weird looking or deconstructed meal is.

As 2018 slowly comes to a close, one of the things on foodies minds as they look ahead to 2019 is: "What will I be posting to Instagram instead of eating next year?"

Earlier this week, British grocery chain Waitrose announced its predictions for next year's biggest food trends. This included bitter food, West African cuisine, and virgin cocktails. Now, upscale, organic focused, American chain Whole Foods has released a report revealing its answers to the Instagram food post question.

Pacific Rim Flavors

The Pacific Rim encompases exactly what it sounds like: the rim of the Pacific Ocean. Expect to find flavors from countries located here in all sorts of cuisine next year, according to Whole Food buyers and culinary experts. Ingredients will be coming from places all over Asia, Oceania, and the western coasts of both North and South America.

Items will include longganisa, a Filipino pork sausage; dried shrimp; cuttlefish; and shrimp paste. Also expect to see lots of colorful fruits, such as guava, dragon fruit, and passionfruit in your cocktails and smoothie bowls (another former food trend.)

Sugar and meat substitutes will also be on the radar. Jackfruit, a tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family native to southwest India, can be swapped out when making barbecue. Now, even the most hardcore vegans can experience pulled pork. Monk fruit extract, also known as luo han guo, also from Asia, is an ultra-sweet way to help cut down on added sugars.


While scientists are still researching the full effects and benefits of probiotics, supplements had far more popularity last year than the previous year.

Whole Foods expects this to grow well into 2019, going a step further with probiotic based cleaning and beauty products--including things such as sunscreen.

Ocean Inspired Greens

According to the popular retailer, items such as seaweed butter and kelp noodles are already appearing on the shelves in increasing numbers.

Next year, be prepared to see things such as puffed water lily seed snacks; plant-based tuna alternatives with algae ingredients; crispy, snackable salmon skins; and kelp jerkies.

Healthy Fats Are Back

America seems to flip flop on which of these two nutrients are worse for you: Fats or carbs?

With the rise of high-fat, low-carb diets such as keto, paleo, and "vegan keto," fats are back in the diet department.

Whole Foods wants you to keep an eye out for healthy treats, such as keto-friendly nutrition bars made with MCT oil powder, coconut-butter filled chocolates, grass-fed ghee coated popcorn (This means that the cows producing the butter are grass-fed.), "fat bombs," and ready-to-drink vegan coffee drinks inspired by butter coffee.

Hemp Goes Mainstream

As the interest in hemp and CBD rises, so will the amount of products containing hemp and CBD.

"It's clear that hemp-derived products are going mainstream, if not by wide distribution, then by word of mouth," Whole Foods' report says.

Plant Based

Plant-based eating is all the rage. Expect to see inspired, inspiring, and surprising new creations in 2019, such as substituting popular meaty snacks such as jerky with king trumpet mushrooms.

Freaky Frozen Food

Another trend predicted by Waitrose was that ice cream would be making a comeback. Whole Foods agrees, but it won't be as straightforward as dessert lovers might expect.

Soon to be on shelves are all kinds of strange flavors--avocado, hummus, tahini, and coconut-water.

"Look down specialty frozen aisles and you might find plant-based frozen desserts like CocoWhip Soft Serve and ice creams with savoury swirls of artisanal cheese (and don't think you'll stop seeing those low calorie, high protein players in the frozen aisle anytime soon,)" reads the Whole Foods report.

When summer comes back, expect even more international ices: "airy Taiwanese snow ice," Mexican nieves de garrafa (snow of decanter,) chewy Turkish ice creams, and a widening range of boozy popsicles and gelatos!

Eco-Conscious Packaging

In 2018, we welcomed "the war on the plastic straw." Next year, 2019, Whole Foods predicts that war to grow.

More shops are predicted to have a "BYOVB" policy (Bring Your Own Vegetable Bag), traditionally single-use packaging will become multi-use (including compostable products made from beeswax), and sandwich bags will have a waxed canvas or silicone alternative.

(Make sure when you shop, you use a multi-use grocery bag, biodegradable totes, and reusable insulated bags to keep that trip to the grocery store eco-friendly.)