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Bulk Hand Sanitizer Gel | Anti-Viral Promotional Items

Promote your custom logo on any of our personalized sanitizer products to maximize your brand’s recognition while help keeping everyone safe! With custom products such as sanitizing pens, gels, mists, packets and more, you will be guaranteed to find the perfect product to help expand your business while protecting your friends, family, colleagues and clientele.

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Health and Wellness — Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have been at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are useful for anyone who wants to stay healthy. At Custom Earth Promos, we carry a wide range of sanitizers that include foams, sprays, and gels depending on what you need. If you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19, general wellness, or run a facility that should remain sterile, there is something in our catalog for you. 

Hand Sprays

Hand sprays are a great way to spritz your hands when you are working in an environment that requires you to keep your hands clean at all times. You do not have time to run to the sink to wash your hands every few minutes, but a hand spray can give you the sanitizing effect you need. Plus, you can slip these sprays in your pocket. You can even pass them out to all the people at work so that everyone stays safe.

You can even get sprays with clips that allow you to hang them from your keyring or belt. If you are moving around and need to clean your hands constantly.

Hand Gels

Hand gels are extremely popular because they can useful for kids and adults. You can keep these travel bottles or anti-bacterial sanitizing gels around the house, or you can drop them into your bag when you are leaving the house. If you run a large business, this might be the thing you hand out to your staff. You could also use promotional hand gels or sanitizing gel bottles that carry your company’s logo. Now everyone who uses your hand sanitizing gels knows who you are.

There are also hand sanitizing gels with sleeves and belt clips. These basic bottles are perfect for use around the house or office. People who move around a lot or want to keep the gel on their keyring can clip on the anti-bacterial gel at any time.

Travel Hand Sanitizers

Travel hand sanitizers are small bottles that range from 2 to 4 ounces. These small bottles work great in your travel bag. There is the special bottle of hand sanitizing gel that it easy to fit in your pocket, and there are the travel hand gels mentioned above that have their own belt clip and sleeve. Plus, you can add your company’s logo to the sleeve.

Custom Health Kits

Our custom health kits come with several sprays and your company’s logo. This is a good way to keep people around your business safe, or you can hand out these kits to everyone in the community. You are doing a good thing for your customers during this difficult time, and they can see your logo on the packaging.

Sanitary Hand Foam

Our sanitary hand foam is a bit like a foam wash that you can put in the bathroom or throughout the building if the staff needs to keep their hands clean. The foam is often easier to wipe off your hands, and it can be pumped right out of the bottle. 

Decide how you want to keep your employees, customers, and the community healthy and clean with these customized sanitary products from Custom Earth Promos that can carry your company’s logo.