Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker

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12pt cardstock
2.625" W x 4.14" H
12pt cardstock

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  • Review by Oscar
    As a business owner, I'm always looking for ways to stand out, and the Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker achieves this effortlessly. It's more than a promotional accessory; it's a statement of purpose and innovation. Not only have these neekers elevated my branding efforts, but they've also allowed me to connect with my audience on a deeper level by aligning with their values. I'm excited about the positive impact they've had on my business and the planet, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a standout, eco-friendly, and customizable branding solution.
  • Review by Cosmo
    What truly amazed me is the customization potential. These neekers provide a unique and eye-catching platform to showcase my brand's logo and message. The ability to personalize them according to different events or campaigns adds an element of versatility that I've seldom seen in promotional items. Each neeker becomes a miniature representation of my brand, capturing attention and leaving a lasting memory.

    Beyond their visual appeal, these neekers have an additional layer of brilliance – they're designed to hold seed packets. This dual purpose is genius. It's not just about conveying my brand; it's about offering recipients the opportunity to engage in a sustainable act. The seeds symbolize growth and resonate deeply with those who value eco-friendly living.
  • Review by Brandon
    The Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker has truly exceeded all my expectations and become a game-changer in my branding strategy. From the moment I received these neekers, I was impressed by their eco-friendly nature. Knowing that they are crafted from sustainable materials aligns perfectly with my commitment to environmental responsibility. This aspect alone sets them apart from traditional promotional materials and immediately resonates with my eco-conscious clientele.

3 Item(s)

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Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker Bulk Order

Size 2.625" W x 4.14" H
Thickness 12pt cardstock
Imprint Area 2.625" W x 4.14" H
Production Method In-Stock
Free Customization Full Color Imprint, One Side
Imprint Size 2.625" W x 4.14" H
Additional Colors Included
Full Color Imprint Included
$35 per side
Key Features
  • Seed Paper Infused with USDA-Approved, Non-GMO, High Germination Rate Seeds
  • All Inks Used for Text, Logos and Graphics are 100% Natural and Earth Friendly
  • Ready-To-Plant Postcard Infused with Wildflower Seeds, Guaranteed to Grow
  • Seed Paper Made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material
Available Colors
Packaging Dimensions
  • 500 Per Box
  • 5 lbs Per Box
  • Box Size: 9" W x 12" H x 6" D
Additional Info
Additional Details

Introducing our Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker – a harmonious fusion of sustainability and personalization. Crafted with an eco-friendly ethos, these neekers exemplify our commitment to a greener world. Designed to hold seed packets, they offer a unique way to showcase your brand while promoting growth.

These neekers are a canvas for your creativity. Customize them with your unique designs, logos, or messages to create a lasting impression that aligns with your brand's values. From corporate events to promotional campaigns, the Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker provides a versatile platform to captivate your audience.

What sets these neekers apart is their eco-conscious foundation. Made with environmentally friendly materials, they not only make a positive impact but also allow recipients to nurture plants from the embedded seeds. This dual purpose resonates with those who prioritize sustainable living.

By selecting our Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker, you're not just enhancing your branding; you're fostering a connection between your message and the environment. Be a part of the change towards a greener tomorrow while leaving a lasting impression with these customizable, eco-friendly neekers that signify growth, both in your brand and in nature.

Custom Options

Elevate your branding game with our Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker – the perfect blend of customization and charm. Crafted for your creative touch, these neekers offer a unique canvas to showcase your brand's identity. From small gatherings to grand events, their adaptability adds a touch of elegance to every occasion.

Our Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker provides an exceptional opportunity for customization. Imprint them with your logo, designs, or messages to create a distinctive visual identity that leaves a lasting impact. These neekers serve as an extension of your brand, making every sip of your beverage a memorable experience.

What's more, these neekers are designed with sustainability in mind. Made from eco-friendly materials, they resonate with environmentally conscious consumers. They not only carry your message but also carry the potential for future growth – embedded with seeds that recipients can plant and nurture.

Choose our Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker to tell your brand story in a unique and environmentally friendly way. Let your creativity flourish as you create a connection with your audience that goes beyond just a bottle accessory. Join the ranks of those who value customization and sustainable choices, and make your mark with these exceptional neekers.


Introducing our Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker – a striking embodiment of eco-friendliness and versatility. Crafted with sustainability at its core, these neekers are designed to enhance your brand while contributing to a greener planet. Made from eco-friendly materials, they resonate with the environmentally conscious. The Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker not only elevates your branding but also showcases your commitment to sustainable choices. These neekers serve as a canvas for customization, allowing you to imprint them with your unique designs, logos, or messages, creating an impactful visual representation of your brand identity. What truly sets these neekers apart is their dual purpose. As recipients enjoy your bottled offerings, they're also presented with an opportunity to nurture life – the embedded seeds within each neeker can be planted to grow beautiful plants. It's a small yet powerful gesture that aligns perfectly with the principles of eco-conscious living. Choose our Small Seed Paper Bottle Necker to convey your brand's message in an environmentally responsible way. Let your branding resonate with the values of sustainability and innovation, all while leaving a positive mark on both your audience and the planet.

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