Seed Rose Fold Envelope

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12pt cardstock
4" W x 2.86" H
12pt cardstock

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  • Review by Danny
    I'm a stationery enthusiast, and the Seed Rose Fold Envelopes have become a staple in my collection. Their versatility in customization is a dream come true for someone who loves to send handwritten notes and cards. I've used them for everything from personal letters to special occasion invitations, and they never fail to impress. The eco-friendly aspect is a huge win for me, and the wildflower seeds are a beautiful touch. These envelopes make every message feel extra special, and I can't recommend them enough to fellow stationery lovers and environmentally conscious individuals.
  • Review by Winny
    As a small business owner, I was on the lookout for eco-friendly packaging solutions that could also help reinforce my brand identity. The Seed Rose Fold Envelopes were the perfect fit. I could choose from various sizes and colors to match my company's branding, and the fact that they are made from recycled paper was a big plus. These envelopes are a conversation starter, and my customers love the embedded wildflower seeds – it's a thoughtful touch that sets my brand apart. They're not just envelopes; they're a statement of my commitment to the environment.
  • Review by Barnell
    The Seed Rose Fold Envelopes are an absolute game-changer! Not only are they environmentally friendly, but the customization options are also truly impressive. I used these for my wedding invitations, and they added a touch of elegance while aligning perfectly with our eco-conscious theme. The embedded wildflower seeds were a delightful surprise for our guests, and the envelopes themselves felt like a work of art. I highly recommend these envelopes for anyone looking to make a sustainable and stylish statement.

3 Item(s)

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Seed Rose Fold Envelope

Size 4" W x 2.86" H
Thickness 12pt cardstock
Imprint Area Unlimited
Production Method In-Stock
Free Customization Full Color Imprint, One Side
Imprint Size Unlimited
Additional Colors Included
Full Color Imprint Included
$35 per color
Key Features
  • Create an Effective & Eco-Friendly Event Invitation with Ready-to-Plant Seed Paper
  • Proprietary Printing Process Ensures Even Coverage & Maintained Germination
  • Seed Paper is Handmade in the USA & Dried with 30 kW of Solar Power
  • Earth Friendly Materials & Manufacturing Process Eliminates Eco-Impact
Available Colors
Packaging Dimensions
  • 500 Per Box
  • 5 lbs Per Box
  • 9" W x 12" H x 6" D
Additional Info
Additional Details

Introducing the Seed Rose Fold Envelope – where elegance meets eco-friendliness in a delightful fusion of style and sustainability. This innovative product is a game-changer for eco-conscious individuals and businesses alike. Crafted with utmost care, these envelopes are designed to make a lasting impression while leaving a positive impact on the environment.

Each Seed Rose Fold Envelope is a work of art, meticulously folded to exude sophistication and charm. The material used is not only visually appealing but also eco-friendly, sourced from recycled paper and embedded with wildflower seeds. Yes, you read that right! After use, simply plant the envelope, and watch it bloom into a beautiful garden of wildflowers, leaving no waste behind.

What truly sets this product apart is the ability to customize it to your heart's desire. Tailor it to your unique style, whether it's for a wedding invitation, business event, or personal correspondence. Choose from an array of colors, sizes, and printing options to create an envelope that reflects your personality or brand.

With the Seed Rose Fold Envelope, you're not just sending a message – you're sowing the seeds of a greener, more beautiful tomorrow. Make a statement, make it eco-friendly, and make it your own with these exquisite customizable envelopes.

Custom Options

Unveil your creativity and make a lasting impression with our Seed Rose Fold Envelope – a canvas for your imagination. These envelopes combine the elegance of traditional correspondence with the freedom of customization, resulting in a truly unique and memorable way to convey your messages.

Our Seed Rose Fold Envelopes are a testament to your individuality. Crafted with precision, these envelopes are not only eco-friendly but also highly customizable. Whether it's for personal use, weddings, corporate events, or branding purposes, you have the power to tailor them to your specific needs. Choose from a spectrum of sizes, colors, and printing options to create an envelope that reflects your style and vision.

The real magic lies within – each envelope is embedded with wildflower seeds, symbolizing growth and transformation. After use, simply plant the envelope, and watch it bloom into a beautiful garden, leaving behind nothing but colorful memories.

With Seed Rose Fold Envelopes, you're not just sending a message; you're crafting an experience that's uniquely yours. Elevate your correspondence, embrace customization, and let your personality shine through with these exceptional envelopes.


Elevate your correspondence and embrace sustainability with the Seed Rose Fold Envelope – a remarkable fusion of elegance and eco-friendliness. Crafted with a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, these envelopes are the embodiment of green luxury. Our Seed Rose Fold Envelopes are not just a means to convey your message; they are a statement of your dedication to a greener planet. Made from premium recycled paper, each envelope is a masterpiece of sustainable craftsmanship. But what truly sets them apart is their embedded wildflower seeds. This ingenious design allows you to send not just words, but the promise of blooming life. After use, plant the envelope, and watch as it transforms into a vibrant bed of wildflowers, leaving behind no waste – only blossoms. Choose from a range of sizes and colors, and even personalize with your own designs or branding. With Seed Rose Fold Envelopes, you're not just sending a message; you're sowing the seeds of a more sustainable and beautiful future. Elevate your correspondence, go eco-friendly, and let your message blossom with these exquisite envelopes.

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