Masks and sanitizers are perfect for “back to school” packages because kids are in school, going to classes some of the time, or might see their friends at other activities. You can order custom masks, sanitizer bottles, and more. You can collect a large selection of custom printed and made items. Read about how you can prepare for “back to school”, sports, and more.

At Custom Earth Promos, we help you place your order for hand sanitizers, masks, and more.

Masks and Sanitizers Work Together

Hand sanitizers, masks, and care packages work together to help kids stay safe. Kids need to keep their hands clean. Masks are mandatory. You can get a kit that has both the mask and bottle of sanitizing gel in one place. This is also good for parents who are going back to work. Custom printing on the mask or sanitizer also helps with marketing. For example, a school can hand out these kits with the school logo on them.

Back to Sports

It is smart to have masks, PPE, sanitizers and other gear ready for sports teams. The kids or adults need masks for their practices or games, and these masks can be customized. Printing on a mask makes them so much more fun to wear. If a business sponsors local sports team, the business' logo also goes on the mask or even the sanitizer bottles.

Simple Marketing

Companies that use care packages with sanitizers and/or masks as a marketing tool can reach the whole community by selling one, both, and kits to keep people safe. You can print your logo on the bottles or masks, and the carrying bag can be customized.

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